понедельник, 19 декабря 2011 г.

I do not want her to be mine, but I want it to be always with me.

You know, so much time has passed and I noticed that still so many good people. Frankly, no bad, honestly! There are silly, yes, at what all good silly.
And why not?)
Explain his philosophy (yes, you already bad and you feel sick) point of view, someone is stupid because it is lying, someone because he believes that dreadful chain in which we find ourselves.
Someone is lying to us, someone we, somewhere will believe us, somewhere we believe.
And you know what I lose when I say that I still love one? I will lose status among some friends, no more, and why they gave me? Why do I need these people that I'm not really what I feel, why say something that will affect your one of the most expensive people?
It's silly that we give to those who will always be with us, just for those whom we do not need or want for a profit?
I have noticed in many lately, security, and for some reason are afraid to say something that in mind, that they are not broken. You are stupid) Seriously, learn to act consciously to end, put a goal to win, to attract attention, all they want, but only for the good of love and kindness)
And where am I, with whom i am, what I, meant nothing and will not change my desire to just be near you

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