воскресенье, 18 декабря 2011 г.

Paris, city of love or city of closed clubs on weekends), and city of lots interesting facts part 2

Paris without Russia at the time also did not pass) At one time in the name of a bridge built Alenksandr III. Many guidebooks Alexander III bridge is described as the most elegant in Paris. I totally agree with them, the bridge is really very attractive. Decorative finishing of the bridge, with figures of Pegasus, the nymphs and angels looks very nice!)
The bridge Alexandre III is a "twin brother" in St. Petersburg - designed by the French Troitskiy Bridge over the Neva. It was built at the same time as the bridge over the Seine, and its construction also emphasized the cultural and political affinity between the two countries. - i think it must be interesting for Russians to, cause i live in St.-Petersburgand this is interesting fact, and please note that a ceremony attended by French President Felix Faure. Paris bridge lights were repeated in the restructuring of Troitskiy Bridge in St Petersburg at the end of the XIX century.

So next. If you from Russia and you want to eaton russian Kitchen, you can look in this places: CHEZ VANIA, Irotchka, Matriochka, CHEZ SVETLANA, La Chasse du Tsar, Petrouchka.
You always take the heat here and understand. Please note that in Paris with the English is very bad, but when I was there, I was, like, all understand)

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