четверг, 15 декабря 2011 г.

Spain Story part 1

It was in summer, when i pass my exams.
So my girlfrien go with her family to Alicante in Spain. This is a resort town in Spain. Girlfriend certainly is very missed by me. Of course, I missed her too, perhaps even more than she. Probably because she has a change of scenery before her eyes, and I have all the same St. Petersburg.
So i work hard i week & have money to go to Spain, it's over 1000 euro. I bye cheap tickets to the Spain. My flyt was Finland-Nederlands-Spain (Barcelona).

I fly by KLM airlines. Its very good and cheap airlines , cause tickets from Finland-Barcelona cost only 120-150 euro, and here you can eat so much as you want and drink vine, bear, cofe & tea or juice as much as you want ))
So i arrive to Finland from St-Petersburg on taxi just for 30 euro. After i go on my plain, my neighbour was a girl from Finland. Herename is Yulianna Diao,we met with her and drank a bottle of wine, 3-4 ))
Yes, after it we go out and have different talks))

  So it was nicw fly on KLM airlines. Then i depart from Amsterdam to Barcelona and from Barcelona to alicante, I met my lovely girl Valeriya and her mam Anastasia, then we go to there home in Torrevieja. This home is small but very beatiful with 3-storey, swimmingpool near it and other neaboor houses here. On photo me in center , girlfriend Valeriya and her brother Egor)

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