воскресенье, 11 декабря 2011 г.

Oh yeah, cut my tongue

You know, I realized that all the shit climbing out of my mouth)) But in all my actions well, maybe not. In general I was so depressing that I felt like I really loved no one, not love and love will not, it's terrible: (

Okay, let's not go bad.

I stopped on the actions and hearts, yesterday I spent the day at night Prague and photographed everything. Today I noticed that quite accidentally took a picture of a heart on the Karlovy bridge on which the written our 1st letter "Л+В" - on russian. I was really suprised! Really!)

Yes, before departure to Prague, my lovely girl say bad things about me, I was very upset because I did not think that my desire for something more like to talk and be seen to lead to this.

But if you love, never surrender!) You know, my aunt once told me - 'The feeling of love that's beautiful ". The same day I was unrealistically good), I went to buy all the gifts and I bought for her a decoration from Swarovski, its beatiful heart, i have bad photo of it - see it!)

In the end of this text i want to say that i think that this Titrl is bad "Oh yeah, cut my tongue" maybe better "Heart storry" ))

But bad think that, i can't understand, why good things seems to others like bad things(

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