суббота, 10 декабря 2011 г.

Prague (Night Life) Karlovy Lazne Club

Karlovy Lazne is the largest music club complex in Central Europe, and one of the coolest places in Prague to hang out.

One entrance fee gets you a ticket to 5 clubs on 5 levels. Each floor at Karlovy Lazne has its own style, from disco to hardcore trance; enough variation to keep even the most ardent clubber entertained all night.

Despite the fact that the club is actually a very large and combines all styles of club music, inside it looks like a bomb shelter, all the walls like an abandoned factory, moreover, they are also painted with graffiti and it looks very shabby.

But even such a club is very popular among Europeans. Entering the club you feel the atmosphere of the most common club life. I am from Russia and I thought that only we begin life as gone, but probably also in Europe is not without sin) But that's okay!)

What I liked so to is the fact that the club was not only young people but also the elderly. I noticed that the majority gave their preference Oldstyle music and hip-hop, club music, few paid attention.

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